How the heck is it almost 2021? How do I still not love my body, the rest of the world figured that out in 2020 apparently. Right?

Wrong. Ain't no one figured that out yet, we are all just trying.

That's right. All the old people used to say that time starts going faster the older you get. Does that mean we are those old people now?

And speaking of old. Diets, that's another thing old people talked about when I was younger and I had no concept of that either. And Metabolism. And cellulite. And "A moment on the lips, forever on your hips". What kind of nonsense is all of this?

So we made it to the holidays. Regardless if we have that extra slice (or, if you me, entire) pie, that extra helping of mashed potatoes, a few extra lattes.... we are worthy of enjoying this time without guilt, shame, judgement OR needing to explain an of our choices to anyone. Let me eat this damn french silk pie in peace, please.

We are in a world where we are so fixated on body image, and as much as the diet culture is changing and everyBODY is expanding... it is just another version of having us being told we need to love our bodies and that can be really hard if we don't. I do not feel bad for eating a whole extra pie, but that also does not mean I love my body. I know I 'should', and you 'should'. But, what if we are just working on it and not told how we should feel.

I want to be able to say "I am working on loving my body" and have that be received by everyone in a way that is supportive, and not dismissive. I do not want to have to end up in a weird debate where someone says "what! No, you are beautiful and perfect!" or "you're perfect the way you are!" or "ummm, yea, well. I ummmm I do not know how to talk about this so here is a weird bunch of sounds and words and things".

Dammit. Why can't we respond with "I love that!" or "what are you doing to work on loving yourself?" and have it be a normal conversation?

The lack of conversation, real conversation, about our bodies and what each of us are doing to love ourselves seems to be missing. At least in my life.

What are you doing to work on loving yourself? What progress have you made? What areas do you struggle with the most? Let's start having these real conversations!