Boudie call

Sometimes, we just need to mix it up! That is what my Boudie Calls are all about!

How it works:

I pick a theme, or idea I want to try out and then I post it here! If you are interested, fill out the contact form and let me know!

You still get a full session, and my crazy/fun ideas are just a bonus for both of us!

The $300 session fee turns into a product credit for you to use towards, PLUS you get 20% off any collection or 10% off any a la carte items!

(up to $1,500 savings)

In order to qualify for a Boudie Call:

You can not have a current session on the calendar with me.

You must want to purchase products, I do not share any images that are not purchased so it would defeat the purpose of me offering this!

The session must be held within 3 months of being chosen for a Boudie Call!

All Boudie Calls are limited, some I will only take one client and some I will take more.

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