For all the the things we love.

I hate watching the clock, and I find that my client's appreciate not having that pressure. So my full sessions are not timed! Once I feel confident we got what you needed and more, we wrap it up. I want everyone to enjoy the experience, taking pictures can be stressful so let's not add to it!

For families, this is a dang blessing. We can't always predict when those kiddos are going to need a snack or bathroom break (or blow out), feel nervous with a new person in front of them or just to truly be themselves. Let's make sure we capture the love as it truly is.

I am a lifestyle photographer, which is a candid, in-action style. I have a thing for raw emotion, sincere expressions and silly, messy love. I prompt to help get different images, expressions and emotions - but not 'posey'. I also help you figure out what to do with those hands!

All the things we love

Family + Engagement + Fur and Human Babies

$375 for one location | Mini session; 30 minutes

$650 for one location | Untimed full session

$600 for two locations (within 15 minutes of each other) | Mini Session; 30 minutes each

$1,000 or two locations (within 15 minutes of each other) | Untimed full sessions

+$150 for each additional family system

*if a location is picked that has a fee such as a studio or park requiring a permit, it is client's responsibility to pay that fee; which will be added to the payment for session*

*$1/mile for any travel outside of 40 mile radius of 55316