Associate and second shooting

The Gear

Canon r6 & Mark III

35, 50, 24, 70-200


The Experience

8 lead weddings

25+ second shooting

10+ large corporate events

5+ years in the business

The why

I've gone through the array of shooting styles so I can easily adapt to what you need from me!

I'm a self-starter, go-getter, independent. THat said, I also take direction well.

i'm not just getting more angles/images, I'm representing you, your brand, and am honored to be trusted to do so.

I'm also a therapist - which means I'm great at conflict resolution, thinking on my feet, and managing chaos.

every couple I have worked with has made a point to find me/reach out to thank me for how I aided in their day being perfect. The little things... being thoughtful by running to grab water for the B&G, being goofy starting the dance party, or reigning in the family.

I love me some candids. If you're a super posey photographer, I might not be for you. But if you love those in-between moments, the ones that make your heart sing. I am your girl.

I love lead/second shooing but I know that will never be something I pursue full time. my primary photography is boudoir. I would love to work with someone where we can build a strong working relationship and make magic for years to come.

Because of this, I don't edit the full wedding galleries. I included images on this page that I think summarize my work and ability in different lighting situations (barn, dark church, dark venue, sun) as well as posed, candids, etc. I do have a page with a larger gallery if you would like to see, it is my 'compiling of work' gallery for my website and there's a weddings tab. Feel free to check that out for more!

Please reach out so we can set up a time to see if we'd be a good fit!