For my 29th birthday I wanted a perm.

I was getting a pedicure for my birthday, and the woman doing my toes needed another perm model to be able to level up. Well, that is freaking perfect, because I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED BEAUTIFUL BEACH WAVES!

She said half off, I said deal.

That is that thing with good deals, especially services, they usually seem to be disappointing. So, there I was, 11/9/2018. Sitting in a chair. Nose hairs burning due to the fumes. and BAM, 5 hours later I had a perm.

The thing is, they were not beach waves. my hair was straight out of 1982 - tight perm curls and I knew I was in for a weird next few months. 11 months later and I still have no idea what I am doing with these curly things on my head.

I still have this perm. I still hate this perm. I still get told

"gosh, I LOVE your curly hair!"

and I think

"um, no. you do not understand....

this is an insane hair goblin living on my head that does not pay rent".

Anyway, I guess the point of this is that if you are wanting a perm. Don't do it. Just look at this meme that my bestie made for me, and remember that you do not want to invite a hair goblin to live on your head

(Insert Shameless Plug)

If you know a hair stylist who can fix this and would be willing to trade for a boudoir shoot, send them my way.