Mississippi and Boudoir, the two loves I didn't know needed to meet.

Water sessions have become my muse. They feel so raw, organic and beautiful. There are no silk sheets, no specific lighting, no props. Just a woman and the water.

Chelsey was my first client who was adventurous enough to do this, climbing off our dock and around the pontoon to get this cover shot. Chelsey WildFire is a Transformational Coach, Women’s Circle Creatrix, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Guide, and a Yoga Teacher. First, you should go check her out. She is an amazing human, and is such a positive woman to follow and support!

So when she got in the water I asked her to dance, and for a second it felt silly... but let me just say it was absolutely magical. I can not imagine her session being complete now without her getting in the river.

Since Chelsey's session, I have had almost every women want do these! I may or may not be strongly encouraging them, because they are just so amazing!

Just see for yourself.