Welcome to a luxury boudoir experience.

With an emphasis on mental health and healing.

Diversity in bodies in pool overlooking the ocean

Pick you | Love you

This boudoir session will be self-care, self-love and one of the best things you do for yourself this year. You deserve this!

The negative ripple effect of negative self-talk, self-esteem and body image on our lives is real, its hard, but we can break out of it.

Maybe you've been thinking about this for years. Maybe a girlfriend did it and says you should too!

Maybe you are scared. Maybe this is out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you have told yourself "when I lose 20 pounds" "When I am more fit" "I do not know how to be sexy"

I get it, and I am here to support you through all the barriers!

We will talk about who you are, struggles with physical and/or mental health and I will tailor your session to be 100% about what you need.

This is not some cookie cutter process.

Most of my client's choose me, because of the process being so much more than just an hour photo session, it is an incredibly healing experience!

The goal is to build some confidence, love for yourself as you are, now.

You will see you. Not a photo-shopped, airbrushed, version of yourself. You'll look just like you, minus that bruise from your coffee table.

If you struggle with mental health, body image struggles or eating disorders, divorce or infidelity, infertility, trauma or abuse history and doing a boudoir session is a part of what you think will help with healing, I promise you that I provide a safe space not just for your physical safety, but emotionally too. I get this is deep to have on the first page, but this is real for so many women.

I am an inclusive photographer for all women and couples. At this time I do not photograph men as singles.

If you want to read a little about my own boudoir session, its at the bottom of this page!

Here is a little video about my mission with boudoir🖤

| Kind words |

“Nicole was absolutely AMAZING to work with from the very beginning! I had so many questions and I was genuinely nervous about the whole process- but she called me to talk through things. We talked about the process, how I felt about it, and what I wanted out if it- and I couldn't be more thankful she took that time with me. She genuinely cares about everyone and helps you see your own beauty and self-worth.”

“Nicole is the sweetest, kindest, and most genuine photographer you can imagine. She’s so incredible at putting you at ease, so there’s no sense of awkwardness during the shoot. Nicole does a great job of capturing the most beautiful candid moments.”

“I can not say enough amazing things about my experience working with Nicole! From the first message to the final product, she made the whole process comfortable and unforgettable! She has a special and unique talent for connecting with you on a human and personal level and then taking all of your nerves and worries and turning them into pure excitement! She goes above and beyond in every way she can to make sure you’re having the best experience possible.”

“I cannot recommend Nicole enough to everyone! On top of being extremely talented; she is kind, open minded, and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole session. My photos were edited so quickly too. 100% would book Nicole again!”

“I would highly recommend Nicole! Her pictures are amazing, and she did such a wonderful job making feel comfortable and beautiful.”

Boudoir Photography, MN

“Just got my photos back from a shoot we did and I can honestly say I'm speechless! She did such an amazing job and made the whole shoot super comfortable and easy for me!”

“Nicole is absolutely incredible! From the moment we connected online, we clicked and I could tell she has a genuine passion for not only photography but for people themselves! I’m as awkward as they come when it comes to pictures, posing and anything “sexy,” but Nicole put me at ease and made me look and feel like an absolute goddess! She is a joy to be around and my session was so fun and empowering! The end result was incredible and I’ll definitely be working with her in the future!”

Boudoir Photography, MN

“Nicole is amazing! She was very friendly, which made me extremely comfortable right away. She let us be ourselves, directing us when needed and the final result was awesome, beautiful and sexy pictures. I would definitely recommend her!”

“I have never felt more beautiful in my own skin until I did this shoot! Nicole was so encouraging and her energy was perfect! She has an amazing eye for the right angles and lighting and is amazing at directing you for the image she wants. Had an absolute blast shooting with her! One of the best days ever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”

“Nicole was absolutely AMAZING to work with! She genuinely cares about everyone and helps you see your own beauty. There were several moments when she looked away from the camera and straight at me & said “you are gorgeous”, “you are beautiful” & I could tell she actually meant it.
I felt comfortable throughout the entire process, directing me through poses, facial expressions, & outfit changes. She truly wants you to have the best experience and will do everything she can to make you feel like a queen!”

“I had the best time with Nicole, she is so open and helpful. I love how comfortable she makes you feel and has the best commentary, constantly laughing. She gets the photos to you so fast! And they are spectacular! She really shows you in the best light and detail. I cannot express enough how amazing her work is!”

Here is a little piece of my story.

I did a boudoir session for myself summer 2016. I was in a car accident the year before that had, and still, prevents me from doing much of what I love. The toll it took on my self esteem, confidence and joy were becoming overwhelming. I decided to book my own boudoir session in hopes I’d get some confidence back.

And do you know what? It helped. It did not magically fix everything, but it was a hug step in my emotional healing. I got to see myself again in those images, not the broken version I was choosing to see in the mirror.


What is a model release

A model release allows me to use images on my website, social media or print ads/product demos!

You can select a full release, anonymous (not your full face where identity is hard to determine), or none!

Do you offer discounts?

I offer payment plans for sessions!

I also occasionally am looking for "models", which is if I have a fun new idea, or wanting to try out new props! These are discounted session fees, but products (prints and digitals) are all still sold separate.

Past boudoir client's get half-off mini sessions for life, and of they refer 3 clients who book their own boudoir session they get a free full session and 50% off collections!

I also offer $25 off session fee for military, first responders and medical professionals, and 10% off boudoir collections.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Depending on if I have another session booked after yours, yes. It's best if you are thinking you may want more time, to let me know as soon as you are able to!

Do I have to order prints through you?

If you buy digitals, you get the print releases as well!

I can not guarantee prints if you print through a lab that is not through me. Each print lab is different, and I have my images with labs I am not collaborated with. If you print elsewhere, know I am not responsible to any print or quality issues.

If you do print through me, I guarantee satisfaction and will reprint if there are any issues free of charge.

What is your editing style?

I like to think of it as enhancing, not changing . If you're looking to have body photoshopping, I'm not the right photographer. I'll do minor skin smoothing, color edits, remove blemishes and a few other relatively minor edits - but my goal is when you look back on these images they represent the authentic you.