Mothers Event, Spring 2021

Date TBD; but fill out the contact form below if you want to stay in the know!

Mission of this day:

Dig a little deep into your motherhood journey, and how that influences your identity. How are your relationships impacted? Self-love? Confidence? Body Image? Mental Health? Have you felt isolated from other moms, especially with social media showing us so many that seem 'perfect".

Let's have a day of connecting with others, supporting each other, relating, challenging (lets be real, sometimes we need this), and also laughing, building relationships and having so much fun!

I am still working out all the details, but this is how I will collect the info of those interested so I can send you emails about this event! If this goes to spam, there should be a way to change that so this email address can be seen right away!

I can not wait to work with all you amazing mothers, I honestly am emotional writing this to start the process of this event. It is something I have wanted to do for so long and finally have the courage to be vulnerable, to allow others too as well. I had an amazing session this weekend that I am going to blog about in the next few weeks.... when I am finished it will be my first email, it will be a nice intro, visual story, as to this why.

Also, you are incredible. You are unbelievably strong. You are also not alone, let's do this together.

There will be a $75 fee to attend to help cover the cost of the event.

The full $75 can be applied to any future session or products with me if you wish!