How do we combat these thoughts, these problems?

These self-defeating statements, beliefs, ideas.... these are the enemy of our happiness.

How do these thoughts hold us back fro in enjoying our life? Why are these thoughts a problem?

Do they prevent us from cuddling with our significant other, because what if they touch our stomach, or jiggle our thighs?

Do they prevent us from getting in the lake, because what if other people see my cellulite, stretchmarks and notice how my love handles hang over my bottoms.

Do they prevent us from eating that dessert at dinner, because we do not want other people to think poorly of that choice... but we enjoy dessert when we get home in isolation.

Do they help us at all?

Do they have ANY benefit?

No. not really. They are our walls that we have built to try to control how other people see us, they are barriers to being our authentic self.

So now what.

I personally have spent an insane amount of money to feel better about myself. I have bought masks, cups, scrubs, gels, wraps, exercise programs, shakes, bars, exercise equipment, weights, measuring tapes, detox tea, pills. And guess what, none of these thoughts have changed in my heart, they're all still there.

I know I am not alone in this.

Here is my sales pitch on why you need to do a boudoir session.... this is an investment in seeing yourself differently AS YOU ARE. to love yourself AS YOU ARE. NOT as you could or "should" be. This is an investment where the return is instant, and the benefits will carry you for years. It is an investment in you jumping into the lake, having fun. This is an investment in your significant other putting their hand on your belly while watching a movie, and not sucking in. This is an investment that I promise will have a higher return than anything else we can buy on the market. An investment in your soul, your relationships, your happiness, you.

Story Time

I had a mom of 3 last year, she was about a year post baby 3. She came to me and wanted to gift her husband a boudoir album.
She hated her belly, her butt was not as perky as it should be, and her boobs hang down to her knees (for the record, her breasts were freaking amazing, just saying).
She also was hoping, a really small hope, that she would feel more confident for her husband (also, this drives me nuts because, this is for you) and that she has not cuddled with him since she was about 3 months pregnant. He had not seen her naked since then either. They had lost their intimacy and it was all centered around how she saw herself.

Now, fast forward to after her session. She cried when she left, saying she had never felt so great about herself. She was EXCITED to go see her husband, and have a date night. The next day I got a voicemail from her crying that they cuddled on the couch, watched a movie and made out. That she let him touch her whole body, and was riding her high from the boudoir session and did not cringe. She called me crying in shock at how much this session helped her, at such a deeper level than she ever could have anticipated.

So if you are struggling with any of this, call me. Reach out. Let's talk about it and work through it.

You deserve this.