We're moved into our new house and settling in.

One of the first things we wanted to do was install a fence, and we decided an invisible fence would be perfect since our yard is a little wonky. Sweet, so we called Hidden Fence of MN and they were super wonderful and came out right after we moved in! They installed the whole thing and helped us with our first training session all the same day. We were so excited!

We've had it a little over 3 weeks, and things seem to be going really well. Luna's always been in a small fenced yard, or on a leash in our townhouse community so this freedom is wonderful! It is SO MUCH FUN watching her be free and be able to explore our new yard. She is also very impressive and has made it about 8 feet up a tree chasing a squirrel.

With training we have to walk around the yard, as well as go to the other side of the fence so Luna learns we can go through it but she can't. Tonight we were doing her training, and we walked to the neighbors house and down their driveway thinking she would be worried about us coming back and watching us intently until we returned to her. Well, no. Luna did not give one shit about us. What she did give a shit about was rolling around in something in our yard really aggressively.

Luna does this thing, and it might be all dogs, but she dives head first into any stinky thing she finds and then squiggles all around on it on her bak until she is coated in the stink. So, Dan and I come walking back up our driveway, and are devastated to learn she does not actually love us that much after all. She was too busy doing this dive, roll, squiggle thing over and over. AND. THEN. IT. HAPPENS.

Luna had this thing in her mouth... I walk up to her and it is A DEAD OLD NASTY ROTTEN SNAKE. Oh my gosh, it was so gross, and grey, and soggy looking. (really, like a 3 foot long used condom. if that helps put some perspective on the nasty that was in her mouth). she was inhaling it so fast... and then, then I saw fur. The snake must have been eating a mouse or rat and LUNA WAS EATING THAT TOO!!!

At this point I am pretty sure that she is going to be violently ill. She ate a 3 foot long soggy gross snake, how could she not? If nothing else, she is for sure going to have the some nasty farts tonight. Google says she will live, but man. How on earth did she think that was a good idea?

I really am not sure how to end this, because I am still complete disgusted. I just needed to share this, and hopefully not be alone. Please help me feel less alone and share your nasty pet stories with me!